Saturday Night Footy

Tonight was a great night! A really, really, really great night! ESSENDON WON AND MY VOICE IS STILL RAW!

It all began when the father-in-law got tickets to sit in the Medallion Club at Marvel Stadium to watch Essendon Football Club take on North Melbourne Football Club. We were lucky, we had seats reserved as well as a car parking pass otherwise we wouldn’t have been going – membership or not – as it was a sold out game and car parking was apparently full everywhere.

Driving in was okay, got held up in a bit of traffic coming in, but the real hold-up happened as we were trying to get to our car park; they were checking everyone’s boots! Once we got through that, it was a bit of a wait for the lift and we were on our way to watch the game.

Nothing gets the adrenaline racing when there is such a tight game being played in front of you, and boy-oh-boy was this a tight one; there were many lead changes throughout the game but with 17 seconds to go before the final siren, Essendon was down by 1 point, then the GOAT McDonald-Tipungwuti snapped a quick goal and we were in front again! The next 17 seconds were agonising as they took another centre bounce, but the boys held the ball and finally the siren went!

If you ever need something to do in Melbourne, it is worth venturing out to see a game of footy, especially one as close as this one. Tickets at Marvel are reasonably priced (starting from around $27 per adult, depending where you sit) and there are plenty of parking alternatives around the area if you don’t want to pay the $30 to park under Marvel Stadium itself. The one thing that will do your head in at Marvel, is the cost of food, it is very expensive (I saw a chips and drink combo for $12!) so we always go to the supermarket beforehand to grab some snacks and drinks to take in with us.

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