Disneyland Travel Guide

Anyone who knows me, knows I am Disney obsessed. I have all the movies, books, plush toys, figurines…. And you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to go to Disneyland, Los Angeles.

We started our day with a pick up from LuxBus America where they collect a number of tourists in the area and take them to and from Disneyland. We got to Disneyland around 8am and it was already getting busy.

First stop, Space Mountain – and I could have killed my husband! He knows I hate rollercoasters and told me it was just a computer generated machine which tilts and when I got on I realised he was a big fat liar. I was screaming my head off the entire time because I couldn’t see a thing!!! Let’s just say he left that ride with a massive bruise on his arm.

Breakfast at Disneyland = sooooooo yummy! We ordered Mickey Mouse Waffles, fruit salad and some other goodies and they were all delicious (and so cute, I didn’t want to cut the Mickey waffles) and the plates were licked clean.

Next ride, Star Wars: Star Tours, it was so fun even standing in queue as they have robots which appear to talk to you. The ride itself was pretty cool, and NOT a rollercoaster thankfully. I definitely had trust issues after Space Mountain.

It’s a Small World ride is kind of creepy yet cool, so many little dolls singing in different languages, you just expect one of them to jump out at you with a knife! But thankfully, we made it out safe and sound, only having a dreadful tune stuck in our head for the next few hours…

Following this, a lot of shopping happened! I bought plush toys, figurines, kitchen items, gifts for people back home…. There is so much to buy!!! I could have bought so much more but it began to be difficult carrying around so many bags.

After lunch, we went over to California Adventure Park and Luke went on a few rides solo as I had had enough of the rides and by now, the queues were horrendously long. As I wasn’t joining him on the rides, he was going in the single rider lines and was on rides within five minutes a lot of the time instead of 45 – 90 minutes. He managed to conquer California Screamer, so he was happy. But, after the Grizzly River Run, Luke managed to get soaked and couldn’t walk around so wet for the rest of the day/night as it was Winter over there, so we had to go to a souvenir store and buy him some Mickey Mouse boxers and thongs to get through the rest of the day/night (thongs in Australia are what the rest of the world call flip flops)!

For dinner, we went to Flo’s V8 Cafe in the Cars area of California Adventure Park and for about $11 USD, we had roasts for dinner, these included roast meat of choice, gravy, steamed and baked veggies, bread roll and drink and it was delicious! We were extremely surprised by the food standards here and how cheap it was to eat, especially compared back home in Australia!

The character parade was about to start when we were heading back to Disneyland so we were blocked in to watch it and boy does it go for a longgggg time!

After the parade and making back into Disneyland, we couldn’t really go on any rides as the queues were hours long.

After the finale show, we were due to be picked back up by the same company to take us back to our hotel, and while we waited, we bought a mouth watering pizza from across the road from Disneyland (The Pizza Press) to satisfy us until we were picked up. All in all, it was a memorable and amazing (though tiring) day and I would happily do it all over again!

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