I love to read and watch movies and TV series, and play with my beautiful puppies Tonks and Bailey or go to a game with my husband.

I am a bit of a sports nut, I’ll watch a bit of everything and I attend the AFL almost every week supporting the mighty Bombers and might enjoy a beer or two while I am there.

My favourite cities in the world are Melbourne, Australia and New York, USA. I love to travel! I have been to almost every state/territory in Australia and have also been to Thailand, Fiji, Bali, USA and Canada.

Another thing I love to do is shop! I will admit I am a bit of a shopaholic BUT try and search for a bargain first – I see it that if I can save money on certain items, I can make my dollar stretch further and buy more things! I have a BIG shoe collection – I love my heels and boots – and handbags and clutches are so so bad for me to be near!

This blog is a bit of everything I enjoy in my life.  There won’t necessarily be one point of interest. There will be movie reviews, TV series reviews, book reviews… Recipes that I have tried and tested and if they are good they will be put up on here… Then there are bits and pieces of information from my travels, the places I have visited and any other random bit of information I think might be of use to even one other person.

My Bucket List 

Learn to knit
Learn to surf
See ACDC live 2009
Swim with dolphins
Go rock climbing 2013
Cuddle a tiger 2009/2011
Climb Ayers Rock 2007
Visit every State/Territory in Australia
Ride in a helicopter 2007/2012
Drive a 67 Chevy Impala
Visit Ireland
Learn to play golf
Ride a jetski 2013
See wild dolphins 2012
Touch a snake  2009
Travel Europe
Watch a cricket match at the MCG  2013/2014
See wild whales 2012
Travel America 2012
See HIM live 2009
Get kissed atop the Eiffel Tower
Learn to snowboard 2012
Own my own house 2016
Be in two places at once
Visit Hawaii
See the Statue of Liberty, New York  2012
Go to Mexico
Attend the AFL Grand Final
Cuddle an orangutan 2011
Visit the Grand Canyon 2012
Go to New Zealand
Get married 2015
See the Hollywood Sign 2012
Ride in a hot air balloon
Visit Fiji  2013
Gamble in Las Vegas 2012
Watch a live Ashes match 2013
Go parasailing 2013
See Japan
Walk Kings Canyon 2007
Go to New Orleans
Visit Roswell, New Mexico
See Anberlin live 2014
Go to Bali  2015
Go to Harry Potter World
Visit Disneyland  2012
Visit Disneyworld
Write a story and publish it
Make a quilt


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