Road Trip to the Yarra Valley

On Friday, it was hubby’s turn to pick something for us to do while I was on school holidays; he decided we should check out the Yarra Valley as I had never been there before (he had only been once himself to play golf at Yering Meadows Golf Club). We began our trip by driving for an hour to see the Eltham War Memorial Tower. When we were getting closer, the GPS was having a doozy as it nearly sent us a different way, but hubby followed the signage and got us there safely (even if there was a very sharp sudden turn onto the driveway). 

The Eltham War Memorial Tower was originally erected to serve as a reminder of those who died in World War One, but now also commemorates those who were killed in World War Two. We took the climb up the four flights of stairs on the narrow spiral staircase (can be dizzying) but the view is worth it to see the city and the mountains over the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

We also ventured out to the small pergola viewing deck which would be great for a picnic spot. This location also has a public toilet should you need to go – I didn’t so can’t comment on the cleanliness. †

Next stop, Selover’s Lookout. Selover’s Lookout is a great viewing spot (only 4.5km east of Healesville) to take in the Maroondah Reservoir as well as the surrounding countryside.

It is a beautiful place to stop, stretch your legs for a bit and then hop back in for the next destination. Hubby decided to try and go have a closer look at the reservoir, but when we drove to the car park area, I think it dawned on him how much of a walk it may be to get there as people were in hiking gear and had picnic baskets. Let’s just say, neither of us had comfortable walking gear on (I was wearing black boots and a dress, he was in jeans and Chucks) so instead I went and hung out with a few of the local birdlife for a while until we ventured onwards. 

After driving through Healesville trying to decide on what to have for lunch, all the places looked packed so we decided to head out to Zonzo’s Estate, as their menu looked mouthwatering. Zonzo Estate is a restaurant and winery and we have seen it from a few friends photos as a wedding destination. When we drove up the driveway, it looked immaculate and we were getting excited… until we saw a full car park! THERE WAS A FUNCTION ON! 

Oh well, back out we go! 

Luke then decided we were going to this bakery he and his friend ate at on the way back from their golf day a few months previously, but he couldn’t remember what it was called, only how to get there from the golf course. So we drove out to Yering Meadows Golf Club to stretch our legs before heading off on an adventure for food and giant milkshakes!

After going through some townships, he got all excited and finally found what he was after; Riverview Cafe in Warrandyte. This place was packed! After much umming and ahh-ing, we settled on getting a toasted panini for Luke, a vegan pastry roll for me (sweet potato, carrot, apple and onion) and a ricotta and spinach roll to share… and a choccy milkshake each. WOW! Just wow! My vegan roll was absolutely delicious and the choccy milk was HUGE! Money well spent (and on the way out I may have bought a cheeky lemon meringue…)

Once we left, it was an hour drive back home to rest up for the next days adventure! 

Would we come out here again? Most definitely! The sights even driving around were amazing, and couldn’t believe how lush and green everything was. There were so many other things we didn’t get around to seeing or doing, but we can save that for another day. Take a look at the video I created below of our day trip!

Places to eat:
Riverview Cafe, Warrandyte
Yering Meadows Golf Club, Yering Meadows
Zonzo’s Estate, Yarra Valley

Things to do:
Eltham War Memorial Tower, Eltham
Selover’s Lookout, Healesville
Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville
Yering Meadows Golf Course, Yering Meadows
Sugarloaf Reservior Park, Christmas Hills
Domaine Chandon, Coldstream

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