Around the Bay in a Day – Road Trip Around the Mornington Pensinsula

This week hubby and I were sitting together having breakfast when he suddenly exclaimed that we were going out and he wasn’t telling me where. We got dressed – with me asking a million questions to ascertain what the correct footwear and clothing would be – and then we were on our way! 

As we headed towards Melbourne CBD, he finally spilled to me where we were off to for the day; we were going to drive down to Sorrento as I had never been there before (Shock horror!) and have lunch there and see what else there was to do (he knew exactly what he wanted to do but we will get to that later). 

Mt Eliza

What was meant to be a 1 hour and 45 minute drive down there, turned in to over 3 hours as it was school holiday time, and every single township along the coast was jam packed. I am not kidding, traffic jams galore and the beaches were littered with bodies. We stopped off at Mt Eliza and had a look over the water to stretch our legs for a little bit, then it was onward again. After tackling the traffic through Mt Eliza, Mt Martha, Safety Beach and Dromana, we finally made it to Sorrento at 2:40pm for a VERY late lunch. We did a quick loop of Main Street before eating at Mr. Sticksenbones where we each got a burger and shared them. It was here that Luke dropped the bombshell of what he really wanted to do, to catch the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff and drive back around the bay from there! Now, anyone knows me knows how much this freaked me out as I have always suffered terribly from motion sickness, especially on water (heck, I had to get off the first ferry stop in Venice from the airport due to how bumpy it was!) so I was a nervous wreck from then on. 

After we finished eating, we made our way to the ferry dock, bought our tickets (Only $84 which was great, as a vehicle one-way is $69 and includes one passenger, then $13 for additional adults) and then the waiting game began. Naturally, we had to wait about 45 minutes for the next ferry, and during this time the wind began to pick up quite a bit. Soon we were loaded on to the HUGE ferry waiting to embark on forty minutes of hell – or so I thought… 

I was surprisingly fine. We were at the front of the ship overlooking the bay and I wasn’t even remotely sick – hooray! We enjoyed watching the sun glisten in the water, praying the whole time I’d miraculously see dolphins – we didn’t – and it was actually a great trip. We disembarked at Queenscliff and drove on through Geelong to head back home. 

Would I do it again? Definitely! Not necessarily the drive across to Sorrento, I would honestly probably do a return ferry across next time and explore some more over that side of the bay, and pray my sea sickness keeps itself away for good.

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