Europe Travel Diary

So anyone that had been following along on my adventures through Instagram or Facebook knows that a short while ago I went to Europe for my 30th birthday. It has been a life long dream of mine to go and instead of the big lavish party most people have, I decided to forgo that option and travel instead! 

The process was a long one as hubby and I were originally just going to London and then drive around France… until we saw how much fuel would cost for the  trip! 

After that it was a matter of a lot of research on my part, and telling Luke where we would be going, with him having some input where he felt it needed it. His only request was Venice. Who knew?! 

In the end, we decided to visit the following spots on our (almost) 3 weeks away… England, Italy and France – with detours to Vatican City and Monaco – hey, they still are different countries! 

We started our trip flying out of Melbourne Australia with a stop over in Abu dhabi and Paris before landing in London – and let me tell you, I will never fly Etihad economy again, the long haul flights were a NIGHTMARE! 

From London, we travelled to Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Napoli, Pompeii, Sorrento, Nice, Monte Carlo and Paris. We crammed a lot in during that time, with more detailed blogs and videos to come over the next few weeks of each location! If you have any questions, pop in the comments below and I will try to answer in the comments, or even in any upcoming videos.

Check out our sneak peak video below for what to expect coming up soon to the site and You Tube channel! 

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