Waterbom Park, Bali

Address:  Jl. Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, 80361, Indonesia
Phone:  +62 361 755 676
Website: waterbom-bali.com/

A few years back, whilst on our honeymoon, we were looking for something to do whilst in Bali and Waterbom Park kept popping up on all the travel sites as a ‘must do’ while there. So, in a taxi we went and began our day!  

This place is similar to Wet’N’Wild in Queensland, Australia as it has an array of water slides and activities to escape the humidity of Bali and the food there is actually pretty good, especially considering how much of a rip off it is back home in Australia. 

The park is open from 9am – 6pm all days except NYEPI DAY (Day of Silence). Entry fee for adults is 520.000 IDR (approx. $52 AUD) and for children 370.000 (approx $37 AUD) which covers general entry, and use of all rides and mats. You have to pay extra for locker hire, towels, food, beverages and special services such as massages. They have a cashless payment system called ‘Splash Band’ where you can put money on a waterproof wristband and use that to make payments for food, drinks, and specialty services, it beats carrying around soggy money in your board shorts!

Lunch and ice creams were relatively cheap, which we were shocked with. We bought pizzas and ice-creams as well as smoothies and shakes and spent bugger all. They also have fun activities such as water balloon fights where you have to sling water balloons across to your opposition, a great way to get wet and beat the humidity.

The rides are very similar to Wet’N’Wild, but as you can imagine, not run as greatly. My hubby hurt his back after one of the rides, as the “lifeguard” wasn’t paying attention and didn’t stop him before he smashed into the wall and bruised it rather badly. Also, when we went they were remodelling a few rides so had half the park closed off to us.

There are also massage huts and one of those tanks where the fish suck off the dead skin from your legs and feet – I actually tried this for the first time ever and it is beyond weird. I am rather ticklish on my feet, and when they went in between my toes it took all my self control not to squeeze me toes and squash the fish in the process. These go for about $7 AUD for 15 minutes and the massage huts are from $20 AUD for 60 minutes.

All in all was a fun day out where we had a lot of fun and escaped the heat, with me being so freaked out by most rides, actually getting on a few and having a go. Though my highlight of the day was definitely the water balloon fight! 

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