Lattice (Cheats) Vanilla Slice

This recipe is a quick and simple alternative to the traditional pastry vanilla slice – I make this on those days I really can’t be bothered cooking the pastry. The filling is so amazingly creamy and delicious you could eat it on its own! You can also mix this recipe up by adding passion fruit topping and icing sugar together and covering the top of the slice and refrigerate for a passionfruit slice.


2 x 200g packets of Lattice Biscuits
1 x 100g packet of instant vanilla pudding
600ml cream


Line tray with 1 pack of Lattice Biscuits, glazed side down.

Mix cream and vanilla pudding together until thick.

Spread over biscuits.

Cover the cream mixture with the remaining biscuits.

Refrigerate for one hour.

Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Cut each biscuit in half to serve.

Lattice Vanilla Slice

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