Magical Day at Disneyland Paris

Our day exploring Disneyland Paris 

Back in September, hubby and I were in Paris and the absolute first thing I had to book once our accommodation was arranged, was our tickets to Disneyland! 

After a lot of searching, I managed to score a great deal on Expedia which was adult tickets for the price of a child ticket! This saved us a lot of money for our trip to visit Disneyland and if you are looking around, check out other avenues of purchasing your tickets, not just through the main site. 


We began our day walking to Denfert-Rochereau from our hotel and boy was it a fun process trying to figure out the ticketing in French! We then caught a train to Les Halles and caught a connecting train to Gare de Marne la Valle-Chessy (all up about 1.5 hours from the 14th Arrondissement). 

There are also other modes of transportation, such as taxis, ubers, or hiring a car, but the train was more cost effective for us and as we were in no hurry, didn’t mind the trip time. The trains were all super clean and plenty of seating options were available to us.

I was super excited once we got off the train, I could hardly contain my excitement and was almost jogging until I saw Disneyland Paris and may or may not have squealed like an excited kid. From there it was a long walk to the main entrance and we were through the gates. 


As we went at the end of September, everything was decked out ready for Halloween and it was spectacular. There were giant jack-o-lanterns and ghosts all over the park and Halloween food and treats to be had. On the subject of food, be prepared to drop a bit of $$ as you will get hungry throughout the day from all the walking around and compared to the California Disneyland, this seemed a lot more expensive to us. Hotdogs alone were from 8€ each, then extra for chips and drinks, and we paid at lunch for a burger, chips, drink and small icecream 16€ each. It is of course Disneyland, so treat yourself! 

What I was disappointed in was the fact that there were no churros at Disneyland Paris – I was super excited to relive the greatest churros ever from when we were in America, and after a whole day of searching, could only find waffles or crepes – insert sad face – but overall food was pretty amazing and obviously all Disney or Halloween themed.


Shopping at Disneyland Paris I found didn’t have as much to offer compared to the other park, but there was still plenty of awesome things to be found. I nearly walked away with a 220€ Stitch figurine but was worried on the trip back home it would break (as too heavy to put in our carry on luggage) so bought a few mugs for 5€ each as gifts and by the end of the day, I was so exhausted I forgot to go back and buy myself some other items I had been eyeing off (I will come back for you Pegasus and Todd!) They had a few boutique style stores which had more expensive items and then there were other gift stores scattered around the park with much of the same items including snow globes, assorted mugs, figurines, headwear…


Disneyland Paris is split up in to four different areas; Besides Main Street USA there is: Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Now when we went, a lot of the rides were unfortunately closed (Indiana Jones being one of them) but we still went on enough to have a good day. 

Pirates of the Caribbean was a fun water ride with a few drops here and there, but enough even for me to enjoy and not hate (I hate rollercoasters and still to this day will not forgive Luke for tricking me in to going on to Space Mountain!). 

Luke went on Big Thunder Mountain and I opted instead for Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing which was a 10 or so minute cruise around Big Thunder Mountain. 

Luke after a bit of a childish tantrum because I flat out refused to go on the Star Wars HyperSpace Mountain ride, braved it by himself and when he got off, said he was relieved I was so stubborn that I wouldn’t go on the ride as he himself felt a bit queasy after riding it. 

And what day at Disneyland isn’t complete without a ride on ‘It’s a Small World’? Yes the song will be stuck in your head for weeks, but worth it! 

There were so many other things we explored including La Cabane des Robinson which was a treetop adventure walk which took us forever and a day to find after walking through multiple pitch-black areas (Adventure Isle) to get to. 

Click on the video below and see some of the parts I managed to capture on the day. Would we recommend Disneyland Paris? Absolutely so! My goal is to visit every Disney Park across the world, two down, a few more to go! 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? Tell me below about your experience! 

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