Day Trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco from Nice, France

During our three night stay in Nice on the French Riviera, we decided to quickly pop over in to Monaco and visit Monte Carlo (more so to walk the F1 track than anything else!). 

We began our day by walking to the Gare de Nice Ville train station and bought our tickets there which from memory were around the 4€-5€ mark each. Then is was a quick train ride – less than thirty minutes – on a super comfy double decker train. The views along this train ride are second to none, you get an astonishing view of the French Riviera from the best possible seat as the train line hugs the coastline. Purely because of this train trip, I know I want to go back and visit many more towns along the French Riviera because it is absolutely stunning. 

When we landed in Monte Carlo, we literally just followed the crowd and it led us to a boating show. We soon started to walk up the towards the casino which was tiring on a hot day due to how steep it was, it doesn’t look like this when they are racing! Once we got to the casino, we literally sat outside and just relaxed, that was literally all we did. We just sat down, admiring the views and watched all the tourist groups float by. 

When we headed back to the train after a few hours, we quickly stopped at Pizza System which is attached to the Casino Supermarché and had a sneaky slice each. After we went in to the supermarket and grabbed some drinks and snacks and on the way out I saw this little pastry shop and just had to buy a Mille-feuille, otherwise known as a vanilla slice, which I saved until I got back to the apartment to eat all to myself! 

Hopefully next time we venture back across to France, we will research and spend a bit more time in Monaco, and hopefully sooner rather than later! Check out the video below to see some more of the sights of Monte Carlo!

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