Sprinkles: Something Sweet in Tarneit

If anyone knows my amazing hubby, they know he lovesssssssss his ice cream (especially Rainbow), and we practically ate our way through Italy and France stopping and trying as much gelato as we could get our hands on, but we have found our favourite ice creamery that we have ever visited – and lucky us, it is just around the corner from home – Sprinkles Ice Creamery in Tarneit, Melbourne.

We happened to stumble across this place after seeing it on social media about a year ago, but never got around to visiting for ourselves. It happened one night when we were on our way home from a date night that we thought to try and find out exactly where this mysterious ice creamery was located and give it a go. We navigated the back streets of Tarneit and saw the bright pink, yellow and blue stripes and quickly parked and walked in through the old milk bars doors… WOW! We were blown away by 1.) how busy it was and 2.) It wasn’t just an ice creamery, but also a candy store filled with lollies, cereals, drinks, chips and more from all around the world!

Then there was the painstaking task of picking two out of over 60 different ice cream flavours. After a few (too many) samples, my current favourites are Ferraro Rocher and Red Bull. Trust me, these can only be described as beyond delicious. I am not a big ice cream person, but these ice creams are truly amazing and especially during ‘iso’, we have visited here at least a dozen times in the past couple of months.

But if ice cream isn’t your thing, they also have brownies, hot jam donuts, churros, milkshakes, thick shakes, amongst a whole range of other goodies to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. If you are a local around Tarneit or surrounding suburbs, make the trip here when you can, as you will not be disappointed.

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