My Inspiration To Travel

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been on the move – whether it was moving house or travelling. I would always be fascinated by the locations in movies and it is in large part the motivation for me to visit new places, and with the overwhelming amount of social media travel pages out there, my list keeps getting bigger and longer. 

Here I will list my main inspirations for travel, the things that are inspiring me to get up off of the couch and travel. 

The Long Way Round/The Long Way Down – YouTube/TV Series/Books

This series has been re-watched over and over again by my husband and myself too many times to count, but this is a large part of our joint inspiration to travel around the world. This series has Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding around on motorbikes across the world and some of the things they see and get up to are amazing. I cannot wait for their next adventure! 

4WD Action – YouTube Channel

My husband watches ALOT of YouTube videos and this is one of our joint favourites. The boys at 4WD Action take off-road adventures right across Australia in – you guessed it – their 4WDs. Hubby and I are currently on the hunt for our own 4WD to do up together and gradually begin by camping overnights or weekends before what we hope to do – trips across Australia! Our goal is to drive up to Cape York and back, then another is to take extensive time off and travel right around Australia in our 4WD… Watch this space! 

Wanderlust on a Budget 

My best friend from America has had her own travel blog up and running for a few years now and I love seeing what adventure she gets up to; whether it’s popping in to a local brewery, heading overnight somewhere, or booking a last minute trip somewhere across the world – if you can do it, she’s done it! She has been to many countries and like most of us, has an extensive bucket list which I am sure she will smash out sooner rather than later. 

The Grand Tour/Top Gear – TV Series’

Whether it be the days of old watching Top Gear specials, to the new The Grand Tour format, hubby and I love re-watching all the episodes where they do challenges in other countries. We have picked a number of travel destinations from watching these specials over the years (and boy can we not wait for the next seasons of The Grand Tour to drop on Amazon!!!) 

@gypsealust/@doyoutravel – Instagram

I have been following these two for quite some time now and have always wished I lived their lives; travelling across the world, and seeing some of the amazing things that they have seen. From India to Italy to Abu Dhabi to Bali, they have been a bit of everywhere and it seems like almost everyday they are waking up somewhere new. 

Shay Mitchell – Instagram/YouTube

Actress Shay Mitchell is a BIG traveller, so much so she has her own luggage brand. I frequently watch her YouTube videos and her Insta is always filled with her travelling to new locations (though this looks like it could be stopping soon with bub on the way? Who knows?!) Check out her YouTube and Insta for serious travel envy!

@elisecook – Instagram/blog

Elise Cook is a fellow Aussie who loves to travel and has the cutest set up with her van affectionately called Scout. They have a decked out Combi which they travel across Australia and their photos are sensational. As they reside in South Australia, I watched some of her Insta Stories before our big drive to Adelaide to get some inspiration on where to go and that’s when I found out about Port Willunga – it did not disappoint! 

My Pa

My Pa has always been a big traveller. When I was little, all I remember is my Pa and Nan taking trips away together, whether it was coming interstate to visit us, or heading over to Europe, they always appeared to be somewhere else (I guess that is where my mum gets it from). My Pa was also multi-lingual; he spoke many different languages and it was amazing how easily he picked them up. He unfortunately passed away a few months ago, but the one thing  I will always carry with me is his passion to travel, and it is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.   

5 thoughts on “My Inspiration To Travel

    1. Hi! My first overseas trip was a family trip to Thailand a decade ago, otherwise have traveled all over Australia ever since I was a youngster. What about yourself?

  1. I remember going to Japan and the Philippines as a kid. I just knew I was so Americanized that all I wanted was McDonald’s. And the mosquitos! Goodness.

    I didn’t start traveling internationally as an adult until 2012. Now I’m addicted! It was a Celebrity Cruise for two weeks in the Mediterranean. I fell in love with Italy!

    1. WOWWWW! I really want to go to the Philippines and Japan, they are definitely on my always-growing bucket list 🙂

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