Every-single-day I daydream on occasion about my time in the USA.

For our trip we flew out from Melbourne, stopped over in Sydney then flew to San Francisco for another stop over and finally, after 25 hours landed in New York City at 10pm. From there, we spent almost a week in New York, drove up to Syracuse with my best friend to her hometown (while stopping at the Waterloo Premium Outlets to buy my much loved True Religion jeans) and stayed there a few nights. While we were in Syracuse, we took a day trip up to Canada and spent the day (and part of the night) at Niagara Falls having a black squirrel follow me around and getting lost in the back streets before returning back to the border (where we were stopped by the Border Patrol and were interrogated and had the car searched!)

From Syracuse, we unfortunately said farewell to one of the greatest people I know and flew over to Las Vegas (where United Airlines lost my luggage for five nights and did not compensate me for it – my luggage somehow ended up in Atlanta, Georgia!!!). Then, we spent a week over Christmas in Los Angeles before venturing back home to Melbourne.

After that exhausting but memorable trip, New York City is my favorite place in the whole world. Sure I love Melbourne, but New York is by far the greatest place to be. We unfortunately were only there for five or six nights, so did not get nearly enough done but I believe we conquered a great deal in that short time and I dream of the day I will get to visit again.

The downside for us was Los Angeles and the only reason I would ever visit there again is Disneyland, my happy place (boy oh boy did I blow a lot of money that day on Disney plush toys!)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California

New York City, New York


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