Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We ventured to Las Vegas from Syracuse mid-December, so we had a very quiet atmosphere when we were there.

Whilst in Vegas, my baggage was lost for four days – no thanks to United Airlines who I will NEVER fly with again, too many disasters with that lot – so upon landing, it meant a late night shopping spree at Miracle Mile shops at 10pm to find a bit of everything, I am talking, underwear, bras, jeans, the works (as we had the Grand Canyon Tour booked early the next morning and after sitting on a plane for approx. 6 hours, my clothes weren’t the nicest things to be in).

Miracle Mile Shopping Centre is amazing, worth a visit to drop some $$$. The lighting show in the middle of the centre is pretty awesome too.

Go Casino Hopping! We caught a cab from the Bellagio to down town Freemont Street, where all the older, less frequented casinos are and made our way up back towards the Bellagio. (By the way, The Venetian is beautiful and was one of my favourites and Circus Circus has a fun arcade area upstairs).

We also wanted to see a show, so we went across the road from the Bellagio and there was a discount show stand – apologies, cannot remember the name for it – but we scored super cheap tickets to the opening night of ‘Rock of Ages’ when we were there and also bought a coupon for 25% off our bill at Dal Toro Ristorante.
Let me tell you something, the food at Dal Toro is amazing! One of the best places we ate at whilst in the USA – probably had something to do with the fact it had fresh, steamed vegetables, who knows. Also, below Dal Toro there is a car show room with some AMAZING cars – I found my dream car, 67’ Chevy Impala, sitting there, all alone.

Whilst gambling, you get free drinks – that’s right, FREE, all you do is tip the waitress once you are served and you are all set. My husband loves to play a game here and there, and was having Scotch and cokes for $1! Drinking in Vegas in general, is pretty cheap if you know where to go, or if the person serving you likes you. While I was shopping at 10am at Miracle Mile Shops, there was a drinks stand in the middle of the centre, so I thought what the heck, for $6 let’s get a Pina Colada…. Well, the bloke behind the counter liked me so much, he chucked in SIX extra shots of alcohol into my funny shaped cup and sent me on my way…. Let’s just say by midday, I was curled up in bed, with a bucket of Garrett’s Chicago Mix Popcorn watching Seinfeld.

Whilst in Vegas, you’ll also want to see the Bellagio Fountain, eat at Jean Phillipe Chocolates and Pastries, and see the Gondolas plus many, many more activities.

Vegas, it isn’t as glitzy as in the movies, but still is one helluva time.

Check out the links below for more in-depth details about places in Las Vegas!


Places to eat

Bellagio Buffet, Las Vegas
Dal Toro Ristorante, Las Vegas
Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas

Things to do 

Las Vegas Car Museum, Las Vegas



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