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RECIPE: Homemade Kit Kat Ice-Cream

My hubby (who takes forever to fall asleep) googles the most insane and wacky things to keep himself occupied. One such night, he came across a way to make homemade ice-cream without having to buy an ice-cream machine. We decided to give it a go and had some fun creating new flavours.

My hubby LOVES Kit Kats and this ice-cream didn’t disappoint. If you don’t like it too chocolaty, only had half a block of Kit Kat.


400ml can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (fat-free or regular), cold
2 cups (450ml) whipping cream, cold
1 block of Kit Kat chocolate


Put sweetened condensed milk in the fridge to cool.

Whip cold heavy cream on medium with your hand mixer until stiff peaks form.

Turn down the speed and pour in the condensed milk with the whipped cream (can add vanilla extract if desired).

Turn up the speed on the hand mixer and whip until thick and stiff peaks re-form. Now you can add your flavours and toppings.

Crush in a bowl one block of Kit Kat’s and mix with 2 cups of ice-cream.

Pour mixture in to a large resealable container and freeze for at least 6 – 12 hours before eating.



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