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RECIPE: Pizza Toast

Pizza Toast is one of those super dooper easy meals/snacks to make and hardly make any mess! I created these gems when I ran out of pita bases for proper pizzas and my little brother was pizza obsessed, so I had to improvise! Can also use English muffins in lieu of bread.

With these, you can literally add any topping you like and it is perfection on a plate. Some combinations we like is; BBQ sauce, chicken, corn, cheese (or) any leftover BBQ meat such a sausages, steak, etc with BBQ sauce/tomato paste with cheese (or) leftover potato mash, bacon/ham, pineapple and chilli with tomato paste and cheese (or) super mash: a variety of different vegies such as potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, etc. with cheese. My little brother also loved Fish Fingers with corn and cheese.

Or, you can be like a friend we know and just put tomato sauce and cheese J


Bread (lightly toasted)
Tomato Paste or BBQ Sauce
Any toppings you desire
Tasty Cheese


Lightly toast bread. Top with desired sauce. Be creative and add whatever you fancy on top (leftovers are always a good option to start) and top with cheese.

Pop in the grill until cheese is molten and golden. Serve immediately.



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