Shopping in Thailand

I love the shopping in Thailand, you never know what you will stumble upon!

The few times that I have been, I have stumbled across some real gems, then some real duds (hellloooooo to hubby’s BVLGARI watch which had the hands fall off the next day). Whenever I go, I try and see if they have a back room, as that is where the better (and more costly) items are, but they are in so much better condition than those out on the street.

Also, you have to barter with EVERYTHING, from the bags and sunnies you want to buy, to the Tuk Tuk ride back to your hotel. I always go to a third or half of what they are offering and go from there, and as you get more use to the value of items at the time, you will be able to straight up say no deal and walk off – we had one store trying to haggle $90 AUD from us for a pair of knock off Victoria Beckham jeans… SHE DOESN’T EVEN DO JEANS LIKE THAT!!!

The Thai people are so smart when they spot tourists on the street, they can immediately identify where you are from purely from what you are wearing. It is insane, and you will find a lot of them have learnt another language (such as Italian) to cope with those that can’t speak English so there in no barrier, they are very, very clever!

All in all, the shopping experience of the markets in Phuket is something to experience, even if you aren’t a fan of shopping.


4 thoughts on “Shopping in Thailand

    1. You will love it! Whenever I go, I always have an over-sized suitcase coming back home! Tops and singlets are great to get from there, dresses can be a bit iffy, watches = don’t bother, but handbags… oh the handbags are amazing! I still have some from my first visit almost 7 years ago and still in perfect condition (they were from the ‘back room’).

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