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Las Vegas Car Museum

Address: 3325 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89109 (Inside Dal Toro Ristorante, The Palazzo Hotel)
Phone: 702 437 9800

The Las Vegas Car Museum is located down stairs from the Dal Toro Ristorante and it is a beautiful sight.

After dinner at the Dal Toro Ristorante, we still had time before our show so we ventured downstairs to Dal Toro’s Exotic Car Museum, it is a sight to see. Featuring some of the world’s best luxury speed cars such as Ferraris, Vipers, Rolls Royce and my personal baby, a 67’ Chevy Impala.

My Husband was in heaven because of the Ferrari’s and Vipers, I was because of the Chevy’s and Mustangs.

They also feature some motorbikes too, but we were there more for the cars.

This is a great little thing to experience if you are a car enthusiast, or even if you like to look at pretty shiny things, there are some beauties in here!


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