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Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas

Address: 3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV, 89108 (inside Bellagio)
Phone: 1 702 693 8788

At the Bellagio Hotel – which by the way, is the best hotel I have ever stayed in – is a small place called Jean Philippe Patisserie. You must get in early, as by mid-morning they are flat out, but the food is exquisite.

My personal favourite is the Dulce de Leche crepes (minus the bananas), I had it daily whilst in Vegas. Also, their ham and cheese croissants are divine, they were my go-to breakfast before venturing out for the day in Vegas, the cheese is dripping off the croissant it is so soft.

The different chocolate displays they have in their venue are unbelievable, when I was there it was a chocolate Santa (as we went close to Christmas) and changes with every theme.

Go ahead and sample the different treats they have to offer, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


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