RECIPE: Rosemary Parmesan Potatoes

So, I created this little recipe up by fluke – and with the current living conditions, don’t have an oven, but instead of pre-steaming, then coating, then frying, you can cut, coat in oil/butter, coat in ingredients, then leave in the oven for 45 – 60 minutes.

It’s a good little side dish accompanied by some steak and veggies when you don’t want to have your potato mash.


Rosemary (dried)
Grated Parmesan cheese
Onion salt (or sub. with cracked sea salt)
Garlic Granules


Dice potatoes into small cubes and steam until softened – don’t let them get too soft that they will break apart and mash – and set aside with a spoonful of butter with olive oil to melt over them.

Then, sprinkle some dried Rosemary over the potatoes with some parmesan – more or less depending on your taste – and follow up with a sprinkling of onion salt (can use plain cracked salt also) and garlic granules.

Bring to a pan which has been lightly oiled with oil and butter and cook, turning every few minutes until golden brown.

Take out of pan, sprinkle some more Parmesan on top and serve.



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