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BOOK REVIEW: Fletch by Dustin Fletcher



I could not put this book down! From the opening page through to the last, it was brilliantly written. Now, I am a devout Essendon Bombers supporter and love Fletch, but I think this book would be a great read for anyone who likes reading sports bios.

“I was a premiership player. I ran over and hugged Wally and we collapsed to the ground as other teammates jumped on top. It was pure magic.”

This book delves into Fletch’s childhood and right through his adult playing career, and even gives you an insight into what was going through his mind throughout this (ongoing) WADA/ASADA ordeal. Even someone as brilliant as Fletch was, in a sense, duped by Dank and Co. They had all their ‘knowledge’ on hand and distributed it, but was managed very poorly.

“It was clear to everyone at Windy Hill in 2005 that a rebuild was the only course of action left. The fact that we’d only got one premiership out of this era was something that would haunt everyone for years to come.”

For 23 seasons, more than 20 million fans have piled into stadiums all over the country to see ‘Fletch’ play over 400 games for his beloved Essendon Bombers on the way to becoming a legend of Australian Rules football.
Fletch is his long-awaited autobiography – the story of a teen superstar, prodigal son, youngest member of Sheedy’s famous flag-winning ‘Baby Bombers’ and heroic yet humble defender of the realm against the greatest goal-kickers of all time: Ablett, Lockett, Dunstall, Kernahan, Modra, Hall and Franklin.
Filled with thrilling, never-before-heard stories of the game and the warriors who play it, Fletch is an extraordinary tale that reflects on dizzying highs – the epic 2000 premiership run, joining the ‘400 Club’ – and cataclysmic lows, including a jaw-dropping insider account of the ASADA drug crisis that has rocked Essendon and the AFL to its core.

“It was too early to be receiving a text message. The clock on my mobile told me it was 6.25am on Tuesday 12 May. Who would be sending messages now? When I clicked on it, I froze. It was from Essendon chief executive Xavier Campbell. ‘WADA are appealing.’ I stared blankly at the screen for a few moments. It was starting again.”

It took me probably about four days to finish this, purely because the only free time I had to read was travelling to and from work on the train or in bed late at night. Any AFL fan will love this book to get an insight to the playing career of one of the game’s greatest players to ever exist (heck, he didn’t play 400 games for nothing!)


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