RECIPE: Crumbed Calamari


3 Calamari tubes
Panko Crumbs (Japanese Bread Crumbs)
3 eggs
Plain flour
Canola oil
1 lemon
Tartar sauce
Salt and pepper


Lightly wash calamari and dry with paper towels. Cut calamari into rings an coat in plain flour then dip into beaten eggs mixture. Once done, drip off excess egg and dip into panko/salt/pepper mixture and coat thoroughly.

To cook, I prefer to use Canola oil, but pretty much any oil will do. Fill the bottom of a pan with oil, about ½ – 1 centimetre high and heat (you will know it is hot enough by either dropping a few crumbs into the pan / splash a little bit of water and it will hiss).

Place calamari in pan and cook a few minutes each side (or until golden brown). If, like me, you need to do about two batches, place the first lot on a paper towel covered plate and place in the oven to stay warm (I find if the oven is on, it crispens it up even more which is great).

Once finished cooking, slice come lemons, and serve with a nice garden salad, tartar sauce and homemade chips.

NOTE: My homemade chips are so ridiculously easy to make and taste amazing – my husband likes to remind me that they are the best chips he has ever had.
I slice some potatoes (I prefer Coliban and leave the skin on) into chip cut and spread over a baking tray and drizzle with some oil until coated. Then, the secret part… CAJUN SEASONING! I love Cajun Injector Shake on Seasoning Cajun Shake ( IT TASTES AMAZING ON EVERYTHING but I can’t find it here in Australia unless has an American food day and they happen to have it there.



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