Bellagio Buffet, Las Vegas, USA

Address: Next to the “O” Theatre, Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702 693 7111

After hearing such amazing reviews about this buffet we decided to give it a go – at a staggering $40 per person we thought it must be amazing especially when paired with the enormous queues which meant we were in line for forty minutes.

When we finally got to go in, you have to tip BEFORE you even sit down to eat which we thought was a bit odd so we tipped the minimum before we went in and decided if the service was good, we would tip in cash. When we got in, the food was average and we had a waitress who continually filled up our drinks (she was efficient I’ll give her that, so we tipped her cash before we left).

We thought we may have gone on an off night so went again a couple of nights later and again it didn’t live up to our expectations. There was a little bit of variety – variety of pizzas that is! Otherwise there were a couple of pastas and a bit of meat but wish there was a bit of variety with vegetables and salads (by this stage of the trip we were hanging for a healthier alternative than cheese and deep fried foods). We may have gone at a bad time after all, being December and all.Good food, but not great.


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